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MIKE (6/28/10): Okay, the blog thing has been getting pretty dusty, so thought I'd do a quick update. We've been in the studio cutting an album of covers at Jim Brady Recording Studios. Jim is such a pro, and all the pros work with him (including Linda Ronstandt, Neil Young, etc.). The finished product should be something we can be proud of. It took a LOT of work! We're hoping all our fans turn out for our CD release party on July 24, 2010 at Tucson's Nimbus Bistro (6464 E. Tanque Verde)from 9pm-midnight. Always learning new material, rehearsing (almost) weekly, and enjoying the hell out of playing with such great musicians and nice guys.

MIKE (9/17/09): We've been practicing every week, learning lots of new material, and are starting to get serious about looking for places to play. If you know of any place looking for a decent cover band, please send them our way (at least tell them to look at our web site or view our videos on YouTube!). Even when I'm tired, and don't want to haul my lazy butt all the way to practice, I find that once I get there I have a great time. The musical energy is amazing, the harmonies are hard work but worth it, and the comradery is uplifting. We've got a show coming up in October, and more things (hopefully) in the pipeline. Keep your fingers crossed! I wonder if this ever gets read?

MIKE (2/15/09): Last night's gig at Old Father Inn was pretty fun - especially for those who stuck around through our last song. We had two (count 'em - 2) guest cowbell players during our rendition of Don't Fear the Reaper. What a hoot! (Perhaps this will start a trend of our fans bringing cowbells? Hint. Hint.) Also got to meet music legend Bobby Kimmel (of the Stone Ponies) who has a new CD out with Stefan George and Lavinia White called BK Special. Look it up, people! (He wanted to see for himself if we could pull off the harmonies of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.) Lots of friends showed up to the show - which was also a benefit for the local Red Cross (which according to this morning's paper is having some financial issues nationally - I hope our local office is okay!

MIKE (2/3/09): Okay, I'll get this puppy started. We've been working hard on this band for quite a while now, and just starting to get off the ground. The song list is eclectic, and meant to rouse the sensibilities of Boomers, by providing covers of tunes not usually offered by other cover bands. The musicianship in this group is outstanding, and the flexibility of each player is fun. Harmonies are a big part of my musical wishes, and this group fulfills that in spades.

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