Five Way Street is made up of seasoned musicians who all have a love for classic rock. We made a specific decision to choose cover tunes that weren't being played by other local bands. Baby boomers seem to love the song mix.

FRED COY - Bass, Vocals: Fred has been bottom feeding on music since his Jr. High school days in Philadelphia. Despite being one of the skinniest kids in the band, he played the tuba and the upright string bass (not at the same time)through high school. “I’m not a very predictable bass player, I tend to hop around a bit ‘cause I’m always looking for a better note or a better rhythm to fit the music”. Fred often consults his ‘inner tuba’ when approaching a new song and sometimes asks himself: what would Sousa do? In addition to sharing his bass mentality Fred sings the second or third harmony for the band, he’s never quite sure which one.

MARK GALLEGOS - Drums/Percussion: Mark has been playing drums in Tucson since 1978. He began his Tucson career with local swing band Gypsy Wind, and followed up with pop eclectic band The Iguana Brothers. For approximately 10 years he played with Tucson notables The Desert Cadillacs where he opened for acts such as The Beach Boys, America, Rascals, Coasters, Drifters and many other classic artists. Mark began serious percussion studies with George Lawrence in Nashville (Poco, Delbert Mcclinton,Susan Tedeschi,Little Milton, Diamond Rio and others), and continued studying with local great Brian Harris for an additional 5 years. He has attended hundreds of workshops and clinics including drumset and percussion studies with Geraldo Piloto in Havana, Cuba. He continues to be one of the first call drummers in Tucson due to his ability and knack for various musical styles.

JOE MURPHY - Guitar, Vocals: Joe is the youngest member of the group, the newest to Tucson, and the band member with the longest (and most) hair. Joe has been playing in bands back East, and we have yet to stump him on pretty much any musical style from any era (even tunes popular before he was born!) Joe is a walking encylopedia of musical knowledge, triva, and mimicry. One of the band's favorite sayings during practice is "Focus, Joe!"

MIKE SERRES - Guitar, Vocals: Mike has been playing guitar since he was about twelve and bugged the teenage bass player next door to teach him a few chords. He sings and plays a variety of instruments, but mostly guitars. Mike has played in folk duos (Serres and Dina, Cox & Serres) trios (White Horse), high school garage bands (ZED), and a variety of other musical configurations. The majority of his musical career has been spent as singer and guitarist in the Desert Cadillacs, one of Tucson's top cover bands. In the Cadillacs, Mike has had the good fortune of opening for a variety of major music acts including Chuck Berry, America, and the Beach Boys. Mike loves to play most kinds of music including jazz, country, classical, pop and rhythm and blues, but there's a special place in his heart for rock and roll. Because Mike loves harmony (in music as well as in life), he's not apt to play solo, since there's no one to harmonize with.

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